Open for Opportunity

Expanding your business is a milestone to celebrate. It’s also a strategic window of opportunity since the right decisions now can catalyze even greater growth in the future. That’s why now is the time to connect with the Madison County Economic Development team so that we can assist with concierge expansion service that includes:

  • Planning and site/space selection. Whether your operation needs to retrofit or expand your current facility or find an entirely new location, let us facilitate the process with site tours, assistance in formulating a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis or other service. We'll help you identify and evaluate the best way to grow.

  • Access to incentives and funding. Let our team help you connect with local and regional lenders who will understand and embrace your expansion vision. We can also aid in navigating the incentives process so that your operation receives maximum available financial support for your expansion. The state of Florida supports growth, and so does Madison County.

  • Recruitment and training of needed workforce. CareerSource North Florida and North Florida College are ready to help you recruit and train your expanded team. For qualified projects, Florida’s Quick Start training program funds custom training for your new employees, while the Incumbent Worker program helps with re-training existing employees who need to upskill. Whether you want to open a new manufacturing line or cut the ribbon on a whole new facility, you can be assured your Madison workforce can step up to the challenge. 

  • Promotion of your success. Through legacy and social media, Madison County will promote your expansion, alerting your customers and potential customers of your success and quality. You’ve made it in Madison—and we’ll make sure others know.

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