Established Industries


Madison’s robust range of competitive advantages spark dynamic cross-sector opportunities, including:


Make it in Madison County, and your success will be supported by an arsenal of advantages in workforce, shipping, sites and facilities, plus strategically designed state and local incentives that reward job creation. The County’s available land, for example, includes no-cost parcels for qualified projects. Cost and labor advantages drew the venerable Stahl-Meyer from its long-time New York home, and today the nation’s leading hot dog maker is thriving in Madison County. Newer companies like mattress manufacturer Compass Sleep Products are also discovering the right mix of skills in a workforce of 600,000, and available custom training from the collaborative powerhouse of North Florida College and Career Source Florida.

Logistics & Distribution

Supply the world from Madison County, supported by speed and ease. A strategically central location offers fast, easy reach to major Southeast metros, with immediate access to I-10 and I-75 just 30 minutes away, and with CSX Class I rail-connected sites ensuring blanket coverage of domestic eastern markets. Madison County is also the ideal global launching pad, midway between Jaxport and Port of Panama City, and offers rapid access to Florida’s entire port network on both the Atlantic and Gulf sides. Available land, including parcels offered at no cost for qualified projects, plus lower costs in labor and business, mean that goods and materials arrive faster, while your operation reaches ROI more rapidly.

Agriculture: Production, Processing and Innovation

Madison’s abundant natural and human resources support a flourishing agricultural sector, as growth and innovation work together to nurture productivity and profitability. Long-time Madison County company Birdsong Peanuts has led the way in sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint even as product quality continued to soar. Another innovation leader, Full Circle Dairy, is transforming manure into fuel at its state-of-the-art operation where first-in-Florida mechanization is making it a leader in milk production. BlueTriton, formerly the Nestle Waters bottling facility, was the first manufacturing facility in Florida to earn Silver Certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program. A strategic location and logistics also facilitate agricultural success.

Logging & Timber

North Central Florida’s timber boom is nothing new in Madison County, where long-time success stories include Gray Logging, which operates collaboratively with Genesis Timber, and other flourishing operations such as Greenville Timber and Wells Timber.