Open for Opportunity

Why relocate to Madison County? Because of assets like great location, responsive leadership, lower costs and dedicated performance. Advantages include:

Faster speed to market, higher regional profile.

Accelerate your operational reach on I-10, the nation’s premier coast-to-coast commerce corridor with four interchanges in Madison County. Available I-10 frontage also allows you to enhance enterprise visibility.

Other fast-moving options include I-75 only 30 minutes away, Class III connections inside the County that interchange daily with CSX Class I rail, and Florida’s extensive network of ports. In fact, Madison makes the ideal platform for global container shipping with a location midway between JaxPort, Florida’s global gateway just 2 hours away on the Atlantic side, and Port of Panama City on the Gulf side.

Lower costs and reduced regulation to speed ROI.

Businesses are flocking to the Sunshine State, attracted by a business climate that features lower taxes and reduced regulatory burdens among many advantages. And in the pro-business Madison County community, we’re ready to make things happen. Traffic moves easily on our uncongested roadways, our routes to ROI are also rapid.

Abundant available acreage.

Two county-owned industrial park sites of 54 acres and 47 acres adjacent to I-10 are readily available. A number of potential sites throughout the county ranging in size from 50 to 1,200 acres are privately owned and may be available for the right project.

Higher workforce quality.

Madison County’s talent pipeline is powered by the dynamic partnership of two development leaders: North Florida College and CareerSource North Florida, the workforce center certified as #2 in the state for measurable outcomes. CareerSource is your strategic operational partner in one-stop recruitment of a high quality team. And for qualified new or expanding business projects, the office will work together with North Florida College to provide custom training funded through Florida’s QuickStart program.

High-impact incentives.

Available for qualified projects based on metrics including jobs and wages, County incentives may include a variety of tax abatements as well as low-cost or no-cost land. See more about Florida’s range of high-value incentives here.

A location for innovation.

Madison County is a place of firsts: Tri-County Electric Cooperative was the first Florida cooperative to implement fiber-to-home service in partnership with Connexon Connect. BlueTriton (formerly Nestle Waters) bottling facility was the first manufacturing facility in Florida to earn Silver Certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program. Birdsong Peanuts was a sector leader in reducing its carbon footprint, slashing emissions by 1,000 tons per year.

Concierge service for seamless relocation:

Madison County’s Economic Development team is ready to provide a range of tailored services to inform your decision and guide your successful relocation, including:

  • Market research: Let us show you how Madison County compares to other locations, and how our advantages can support your growth.

  • Site selection, evaluation and County tours: Let us host your leadership team for an on-the-ground perspective of Madison County.

  • Access to funding and capital: We’ll help you navigate the incentives process and introduce you to local and regional lenders.

  • Network connections: The local business community welcomes new investment, new ideas and new people. We make sure you and your team and your organization feel at home.

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